Frequently asked questions

Why can't I just use ChatGPT?

In contrast to ChatGPT, the SWOT Bot uses a a multi-step process to ensure that all insights are backed up by evidences from news reports or a company's earning calls. With the help of this knowledge, summaries are generated with GPT-3.

How do you ensure fact-checking?

All strategic summaries presented in the SWOT are build bottom-up based on extracted evidences from news articles (see question "How do you extract relevant information from the sources").

Can I analyze companies beyond the S&P 500?

Our demo is limited to S&P 500, since it allows us to fully automate the selection of relevant articles. Contact us to learn more about the SWOT Bot Pro, which enables you to customize companies and sources you use in the analysis.

Feel free to contact us and we'll help you out as soon as we can.

Which information is used for the SWOT?

The SWOT Bot uses the latest company news, aggregated by We also evaluate the latest earning call of the selected company.

Find out more information by reading the license.

What does "free updates" include?

The free updates that will be provided is based on the roadmap that we have laid out for this project. It is also possible that we will provide extra updates outside of the roadmap as well.

Can I add custom sources?

Yes, you can add custom sources, ranging from news feeds to PDFs, in the SWOT Bot PRO - contact us for more information.

How do you extract relevant information from the sources?

The SWOT Bot uses a fine-tuned language model based on Deberta. It has been trained with thousands of examples of strategic questions. Based on our model, all relevant sentences from the automatically selected news articles are extracted and added to a knowledge base.

How can I edit the results?

The SWOT Bot creates a fully editable PowerPoint presentation which you can download. The SWOT Bot PRO allows you to collaboratively curate sources and extracted evidences before the presentation is generated.

Can I conduct other analyses or use different management instruments?

Yes, you can. The SWOT Bot showcases the functionality of AI-driven management instruments. Contact us to learn more about the SWOT Bot Pro, which allows you to use different templates and specify areas of interest for your strategic analysis.