SWOT Bot Pro - faster, better, stronger

The SWOT Bot gives you a taste of AI-driven strategic analysis.

Customize your sources

Connect the bot to your personal news feeds or a Feedly board. Select the specific documents you want to include in your analysis.

Pick analytical framework

Customize the analytical questions and specific topics SWOT Bot will analyze to your specific needs.

Visual curation of evidences and topics

Edit extracted evidences and topics via a beautiful web interface, before you generate the presentation.

Collaborate in real time

Work with your colleagues in real-time to curate sources or to comment on extracted topics and evidences.

Personalize slide templates

Adapt the presentation layout to your corporate identity or individual preferences.

Fine-Tune language models

Fine-tune language models to your domain and specific tasks.

Have you got more ideas?

Let’s discuss how to integrate the SWOT Bot Pro into your workflows.

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